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Renovations and Extensions

Are you planning on extending or renovating your home? Not quite sure where to begin?

The prospect of extending or renovating a property in Israel can be daunting.

So many details to deal with, and tasks to be done….

I manage the project, from start to finish. 

With a team of licensed architects and interior designers we plan the project, to match your personal taste, needs, and priorities.

You need not be concerned about getting hold of the necessary “Ishurim”-permits, from the city council. I arrange the paperwork, efficiently, so your construction can get underway.

I go to the best stores, to find high quality materials to fit your budget, We accompany you or go on your behalf.

I pay regular visits to the construction site, to make sure the work is being done as promised.

I am available for any questions or concerns, and will be here to advise you until the construction work is complete.