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ByDanny Shwedel

This may be funny-but NOT if it happened to you…A must see clip if you are doing construction or renovation in Israel (3 Minute video)

In this short comedy sketch-the contractor shows his client, his half built apartment.

See what can happen, if you begin construction or renovation in Israel-without a clear, signed contract.

The contractor is showing his client around his half built house. There are changes that need to be made in the construction. The client wants to fix the  30 electrical outlets in one place, the sink was fitted high up-next to the ceiling, to name a few.

The contractor agrees to “upgrade” and demands thousands of shekel for all these “crazy luxuries.”  This was comedy, but the family in this news feature, were certainly not laughing.

Whether you are buying a property on paper,or doing a smaller construction or renovation project, there are always faults, mistakes, and things that need changing along the way.

If you don’t have a clear signed contract,which explicitly states:

  • the plan for construction,
  • the deadlines for each stage of the construction

You will find yourself paying for a lot of extra work (and angst).

If you are buying on paper, doing construction and renovation in Israel, before you begin- make sure you have a signed contract.

Find out more about preparing a contract, that will protect your interests, and your pocket.

Read more here about the importance of a contract.

Or watch here about a real family, who suffered the consequences, when they started a building project without a signed contract.

ByDanny Shwedel

Meatzvim: Managing building projects in Israel.

10 reasons why you need a project supervisor to accompany you on your building, renovating or Tama38 project.

1. Any time someone is “looking over the shoulder” of the contractor, irrelevant of his knowledge and experience, the contractor will work better.

2. Most people, who are extending or renovating a property, are doing so for the first or second time. There is no comparison running a project with the help of a supervisor, who has 10 years experience in the field.

3.With professional supervision you can avoid mistakes and mishaps. He knows what works and what doesn’t, and has the foresight to avoid any wrong turns along the way.

4. Most home owners, (and many contractors) don’t know (or care) what are the “Israel Building Standards” – knowledge of them, ensures quality. The more the supervisor knows, the better quality your project will be.

5. Often arguments break out, about what has or has not been said. Having a third party “on site” protects you and your interests in thee situtations.

6. Helps keep the costs down. The contractor is less likely to “take you for a ride” when he knows that there is someone experienced “keeping tabs”.

7. Many home designers, interior designers and architects, have never been inside a construction site. Mistakes can be avoided, by taking someone with experience, to ensure everything is done correctly.

8. In most instances, taking someone with experience will save you more money than he charges you for his services.

9. Ensure the plans presented is the way the project is done. Often a contractor, wanting to save time, manpower and money will make a lame excuse why this cant be done. Only someone with lots of experience will show him how it IS done.

10. Often, buying a property or renovating is a life-changing project. Only an experienced supervisor will ensure you get the most value for your money.