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ByDanny Shwedel

What can happen if you dont have a contract: 3 tips to avoid this happening to you. (3 minute video)

This short news piece, tells the heart-breaking story of a family, left with a half renovated house…

A family in israel with 3 children, wanted to renovate their house. They started working with one contractor, who disappeared. The new contractor offered an attractive price. They wrote up a contract, and committed to paying him a sum of 120,000 shekel.  However the contractor would make excuses to avoid actually signing the forms.

After receiving the payment, the contractor started trying to squeeze more and more money out of them. He demanded payment of 300,000 for “extras” in order to finish the work.

The family were left just before Yom Kippur, with 3 kids, including a baby, with no way to pay the 300,000 shkalim that he was demanding, and a house that was not fit for living in.

Stories like this one are unfortantely not rare

The news feature explains:

In a year, 16 000 renovation projects end in disagreements like this one.

What are these disagreement usually  about?

  • Financial disagreements
  • Failure to sticking to the time frame
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Stopping the work in the middle of the project
  • Not finishing the project
  • How can you avoid these situations?

  1. Check that the contractor is listed on the Ministry of Construction “misrad ha binui vehashikun”
  2. Insist on a detailed contract, outlining deadlines, and a building plan
  3. Sign the contract before starting the work

Be In touch  with Meatzvim and we can help you draw up a contract to protect you.  A detailed contract, will give you the confidence, that your building project goes to plan without a “balagan” like this one.