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ByDanny Shwedel

Need advice with your building project?

Are you renovating an existing property? Or buying an apartment on paper.

For advice on your building project contact Tzvi 

On our blog, you will find Tzvi’s latest advice and experience in managing construction projects in Israel.

ByDanny Shwedel

Meatzvim: Managing building projects in Israel.

10 reasons why you need a project supervisor to accompany you on your building, renovating or Tama38 project.

1. Any time someone is “looking over the shoulder” of the contractor, irrelevant of his knowledge and experience, the contractor will work better.

2. Most people, who are extending or renovating a property, are doing so for the first or second time. There is no comparison running a project with the help of a supervisor, who has 10 years experience in the field.

3.With professional supervision you can avoid mistakes and mishaps. He knows what works and what doesn’t, and has the foresight to avoid any wrong turns along the way.

4. Most home owners, (and many contractors) don’t know (or care) what are the “Israel Building Standards” – knowledge of them, ensures quality. The more the supervisor knows, the better quality your project will be.

5. Often arguments break out, about what has or has not been said. Having a third party “on site” protects you and your interests in thee situtations.

6. Helps keep the costs down. The contractor is less likely to “take you for a ride” when he knows that there is someone experienced “keeping tabs”.

7. Many home designers, interior designers and architects, have never been inside a construction site. Mistakes can be avoided, by taking someone with experience, to ensure everything is done correctly.

8. In most instances, taking someone with experience will save you more money than he charges you for his services.

9. Ensure the plans presented is the way the project is done. Often a contractor, wanting to save time, manpower and money will make a lame excuse why this cant be done. Only someone with lots of experience will show him how it IS done.

10. Often, buying a property or renovating is a life-changing project. Only an experienced supervisor will ensure you get the most value for your money.


ByDanny Shwedel

What is a Home-Buyer’s Representative?

Buying a home in Israel on paper?

If you are buying a property on paper, you will notice that there are lots of details to deal with.

I represent the home buyer, throughout this whole process.

I like to call this service a Home-Buyer’s-Representative.

With the help of a Home-Buyer’s-Representative, you can relax, knowing that someone else is overseeing and managing the project, from beginning to end.

Here are 7 tasks you wont have to worry about…

  1. Paperwork and Permits- I make sure all the paperwork and permits, from the contractor and City Council are approved quickly and efficiently.

  2. Planning and Design-With my team of licensed architects we plan and design your property according to your needs. We maximize light, air and space, and remain loyal to your taste, priorities and budget.

  3. ContractsI will prepare a contract for the contractor-click here to understand the importance of having thorough contract.

  4. Buying Materials-I will accompany you to the approved dealers. I will find the best deals and the highest quality materials based on your budget. 

  5. On-site Visits-I will personally pay on-site visits, to inspect your apartment as it is being built. I ensure that everything is being done according to plan.

  6. “Bedek” House check-I will do an “Bedek” House Check, before the contractor hands over the apartment.

  7. Advise and Phone Support-I am always available via phone or email to  answer questions that arise as the building progresses.

I will continue to be available to manage everything for you until you receive the keys to your new home.

Contact us, for a FREE phone consultation, or to hear more about our services.

ByDanny Shwedel

Buying on paper in Israel?

Are you considering buying on paper in Israel?

Buying on paper in Israel has huge benefits.

You get a bigger property for a better price.

You can plan and design the house or apartment to fit your needs.

However the protocol can be overwhelming, and the to do list can be intimidating.

Starting with paper work and permits. Next shopping for materials. Then visiting the site regularly..

Make buying on paper easier…

If you have a confident professional, representing and guiding you along the way…

…the process is smoother, cheaper and much less stressful.

Here I explain more, how a Home Buyers Representative, takes care of every last detail.

I manage the entire project, so you enjoy the benefits of buying on paper without the stresses that come along with it!

If you have questions already, be in touch and I am always happy to advise you.

To understand more about this service,  click here….