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What is a Home-Buyer’s Representative?

ByDanny Shwedel

What is a Home-Buyer’s Representative?

Buying a home in Israel on paper?

If you are buying a property on paper, you will notice that there are lots of details to deal with.

I represent the home buyer, throughout this whole process.

I like to call this service a Home-Buyer’s-Representative.

With the help of a Home-Buyer’s-Representative, you can relax, knowing that someone else is overseeing and managing the project, from beginning to end.

Here are 7 tasks you wont have to worry about…

  1. Paperwork and Permits- I make sure all the paperwork and permits, from the contractor and City Council are approved quickly and efficiently.

  2. Planning and Design-With my team of licensed architects we plan and design your property according to your needs. We maximize light, air and space, and remain loyal to your taste, priorities and budget.

  3. ContractsI will prepare a contract for the contractor-click here to understand the importance of having thorough contract.

  4. Buying Materials-I will accompany you to the approved dealers. I will find the best deals and the highest quality materials based on your budget. 

  5. On-site Visits-I will personally pay on-site visits, to inspect your apartment as it is being built. I ensure that everything is being done according to plan.

  6. “Bedek” House check-I will do an “Bedek” House Check, before the contractor hands over the apartment.

  7. Advise and Phone Support-I am always available via phone or email to  answer questions that arise as the building progresses.

I will continue to be available to manage everything for you until you receive the keys to your new home.

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